Non-Patent Case Profile

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Case profile pages collect all data relevant to a particular case and arrange it in one place to streamline navigation. Users can save, create alerts for, and share profile binders.

Use Case Profiles to find a dashboard of information and a list of tabs with information pertaining to the party. Explore a party’s litigation history, and answer questions like:

  • What Trademarks were the subject of the case? Which parties and law firms were involved?
  • Have there been any significant decisions or rulings made in the case?
  • What are the pleadings that have been filed in this case?
  • What orders have been issued in the case?
Included Tabs
  • Header

  • Parties

  • Docket Entries

  • Pleadings & Orders

  • Copyrighted Works/Trademarks

  • Accusations



View the case header, including the Plaintiffs, Defendants, and their respective counsel.


View a list of all parties in the case.

Docket Entries

View a list of docket entries in cases — that is the individual entries (usually sequentially numbered and dated) in the official record of proceedings and filings of a civil action or administrative proceeding.

Pleadings & Orders

View a list of pleadings filed and orders issued by the court in relation to the case.

Copyrighted Works

Compile a list of all Copyrighted Works involved in the case.


View a list of all Trademarks involved in the case.


View a list of accusations in a case, along with the assertor, the Accused Party, and the Claim Nature.


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Last Updated: November 30, 2023