July 26, 2023
Features & Improvements
  • We have made it easier for subscribers to access our analytics tools by reorganizing them into the Analytics Toolkit. This simplifies the process and helps subscribers understand the features available through their subscriptions. Simply click on the info icon for each tool to learn how it can be used in your practice.
  • We reorganized the main site navigation menu and moved the library selection inside the new menu. The select box for switching content libraries can now be found at the bottom of the new menu.
  • We upgraded the search page sidebar navigation to improve mobile responsiveness and declutter unused features. My Research is the new name of Recent Binders, but it’s functionally the same.
  • Users can now see the number of results in each tab when viewing the table of contents for a binder.
  • The help center is still a work in progress but now contains detailed descriptions of many Docket Navigator features.
  • We upgraded the sidebar navigation component for all account-related pages to make them more responsive and navigable.
Behind The Scenes
  • Audit TODO’s left in code by previous front-end contractor
  • Archive page refactoring
  • Fix binder save message not sending to backend
  • Hid omnibus and profile libraries from some places that should not show up
  • Change the text for new case notification tooltip
  • Split up Judge & Court Comparison
  • Fix some joinpath typos
  • Remove judge overview tab from the securities library
  • Change weekend alert job check to be 2 weeks or last email, whichever is more recent
  • Fix tests so they pass again
  • Point scope of data links to the new help center
  • Allow for more than three courts in court comparison
  • Attorney firm timeline editor changes for Amy
  • Get attachments button on the Journalist Case Tracking page
  • Click to search fix for determinations targets to match recently-changed default fields
  • Wrote AG grid react custom renderer
  • HAE checkbox added to omnibus litigation activity
  • Fixed sorting in motion success
  • Change to how timeline number badges work
  • Fixed party profile summary numbers when remedies were not present