Release Notes

Docket Navigator 2023-09-15
September 18, 2023
Features & Improvements

This release includes six new Analytics Toolkit pages:

  • Four of these tools are bundled into the Judge Comparison Report and include:
    • Overview with top stats and workload comparisons
    • Rankings by number of cases, outcomes, and grant rates for motion to transfer venue
    • Outcomes by case phase
    • Motion Success by posture, type of document and legal issue
  • The Firm Performance tool allows corporate and firm clients to pull win/loss statistics – dynamically comparing firms in litigation situations specific to the client’s needs. Learn more
  • Docket Navigator’s PTAB Expert Rankings page allows users to view a list of experts appearing in PTAB cases on behalf of Patentees and Patent Challengers. Learn more
Behind The Scenes
  • Fix text wrap
  • Add condition for “Use Previous Search Results”
  • Add new link to Rankings card
  • Fix litigation history page
  • change build process for webapp to deal with test plotly environment
  • Direct links for various plotly tools
  • Entity tagging API (beta)
  • Update tests for stuck jobs
  • Change local counsel exception list
  • Change billing report page
Docket Navigator 2023-08-30
August 30, 2023
Features & Improvements
  • We are pleased to announce the addition of the Trademark Trial & Appeal Board to our Trademark Library. In the ever-evolving landscape of intellectual property law, having access to accurate and up-to-date trademark data is essential for making informed decisions. The TTAB Docket Report provides the ultimate resource for following the latest challenges to trademark registration, and Docket Navigator’s dynamic platform puts an extensive range of trademark-related information right at your fingertips. Learn More
  • As the final piece of the Search Page Upgrade project, a new quick search bar was added to the top of the main search page.  This search bar allows users to select the type of entity they are interested in researching and then select the specific entity from a dropdown list.  At the moment, the search bar only supports single selections.
  • We now support showing the number of results contained in each tab of the binder index.  This release improves the performance of that feature.
Behind The Scenes
  • Fix error on unlimited user page
  • Fix error when copying tabs on binder
  • Add “PTAB” before “Expert Rankings”
  • PTAB Expert gating update
  • Add event listener only if the dialog is open
  • Fix the attorney litigation history page crashing
  • Support TTAB determinations in alerts
  • TTAB frontend, backend, and email finishing touches
  • Add plotly testing url
  • Update lower court appeals tabs to use plotly version
  • Update Trademark court tree
  • Include substituted outcomes in TTAB
  • TTAB EXA case property updater for outcomes
  • Add the ability to see party outcomes in district edit
  • Court Comparison data validation
  • Clean up firm/attorney search objects
  • Patent profile no data text
  • Make limited scope message cover up the number boxes in CAFC profile
Docket Navigator 2023-08-10
August 10, 2023
Features & Improvements
  • Added Court Comparison Experience
  • Added Court Comparison Rankings
  • Added Court Comparison Outcomes
  • Added Court Comparison Motion Success
  • Changed specific firm summary components when “Both” is selected to be all roles, not just patentee+patent challenger
Behind The Scenes
  • Change TTAB email subject line
  • Fix TTAB docket sheet link
  • Fix TTAB determinations link
  • Loop pulling TTAB file until it works
  • Job to backfill 2022 TTAB cases
  • Add TTAB outcome colors
  • Fix broken document links in CAFC cellrenderer component
  • Fixed a text issue in the patent summary where no-data messages would refer to “this case.”
  • Fixed incorrect sorting in the omnibus motion success tab causing data to be wrong
  • Fixed a click-to-search issue related to legal issues in omnibus motion success
  • Addressed a data issue in federal circuit data
  • Fixed an issue where no-data messages in the CAFC profile would fail to appear with certain combinations of missing/existing data
  • Fixed a handful of scenarios where an error message would fire early because the page had not finished loading (there are many more of these still-unfixed)
Docket Navigator 2023-08-08
August 8, 2023
Features & Improvements
  • Finally, a CAFC Case Overview is available as the first tab in a CAFC Case Profile. This overview provides a high-level view of a Federal Circuit case, including the parties, patents, appeal outcome, and case phase. You can easily determine the outcome of the appeal, the phases that occurred, and the court the case was appealed from, with a link to the original case. You can also see the specific appealed rulings and the appeal outcome for each decision.
  • We have included appeal outcomes in CAFC Cases search, allowing filtering by Reversed, Vacated, etc.
Behind The Scenes
  • Remove print on page_count 0
  • Add warning and conditions for cards
  • Rerender menu on change
  • Remove redundant todo
  • Fix account page navigation
  • Reactivate Search Assistant
  • Create local binder
  • login to test server via legacy system
  • automatically add TTAB outcomes
  • attorney/firm timelines fix and some comments added to expert identifier
  • TTAB formatting tweaks and case outcomes in report
  • Turn on TTAB report for all accounts with admin access (includes various LBR employees now)
Docket Navigator 2023-07-26
July 26, 2023
Features & Improvements
  • We have made it easier for subscribers to access our analytics tools by reorganizing them into the Analytics Toolkit. This simplifies the process and helps subscribers understand the features available through their subscriptions. Simply click on the info icon for each tool to learn how it can be used in your practice.
  • We reorganized the main site navigation menu and moved the library selection inside the new menu. The select box for switching content libraries can now be found at the bottom of the new menu.
  • We upgraded the search page sidebar navigation to improve mobile responsiveness and declutter unused features. My Research is the new name of Recent Binders, but it’s functionally the same.
  • Users can now see the number of results in each tab when viewing the table of contents for a binder.
  • The help center is still a work in progress but now contains detailed descriptions of many Docket Navigator features.
  • We upgraded the sidebar navigation component for all account-related pages to make them more responsive and navigable.
Behind The Scenes
  • Audit TODO’s left in code by previous front-end contractor
  • Archive page refactoring
  • Fix binder save message not sending to backend
  • Hid omnibus and profile libraries from some places that should not show up
  • Change the text for new case notification tooltip
  • Split up Judge & Court Comparison
  • Fix some joinpath typos
  • Remove judge overview tab from the securities library
  • Change weekend alert job check to be 2 weeks or last email, whichever is more recent
  • Fix tests so they pass again
  • Point scope of data links to the new help center
  • Allow for more than three courts in court comparison
  • Attorney firm timeline editor changes for Amy
  • Get attachments button on the Journalist Case Tracking page
  • Click to search fix for determinations targets to match recently-changed default fields
  • Wrote AG grid react custom renderer
  • HAE checkbox added to omnibus litigation activity
  • Fixed sorting in motion success
  • Change to how timeline number badges work
  • Fixed party profile summary numbers when remedies were not present
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