August 8, 2023
Features & Improvements
  • Finally, a CAFC Case Overview is available as the first tab in a CAFC Case Profile. This overview provides a high-level view of a Federal Circuit case, including the parties, patents, appeal outcome, and case phase. You can easily determine the outcome of the appeal, the phases that occurred, and the court the case was appealed from, with a link to the original case. You can also see the specific appealed rulings and the appeal outcome for each decision.
  • We have included appeal outcomes in CAFC Cases search, allowing filtering by Reversed, Vacated, etc.
Behind The Scenes
  • Remove print on page_count 0
  • Add warning and conditions for cards
  • Rerender menu on change
  • Remove redundant todo
  • Fix account page navigation
  • Reactivate Search Assistant
  • Create local binder
  • login to test server via legacy system
  • automatically add TTAB outcomes
  • attorney/firm timelines fix and some comments added to expert identifier
  • TTAB formatting tweaks and case outcomes in report
  • Turn on TTAB report for all accounts with admin access (includes various LBR employees now)