August 10, 2023
Features & Improvements
  • Added Court Comparison Experience
  • Added Court Comparison Rankings
  • Added Court Comparison Outcomes
  • Added Court Comparison Motion Success
  • Changed specific firm summary components when “Both” is selected to be all roles, not just patentee+patent challenger
Behind The Scenes
  • Change TTAB email subject line
  • Fix TTAB docket sheet link
  • Fix TTAB determinations link
  • Loop pulling TTAB file until it works
  • Job to backfill 2022 TTAB cases
  • Add TTAB outcome colors
  • Fix broken document links in CAFC cellrenderer component
  • Fixed a text issue in the patent summary where no-data messages would refer to “this case.”
  • Fixed incorrect sorting in the omnibus motion success tab causing data to be wrong
  • Fixed a click-to-search issue related to legal issues in omnibus motion success
  • Addressed a data issue in federal circuit data
  • Fixed an issue where no-data messages in the CAFC profile would fail to appear with certain combinations of missing/existing data
  • Fixed a handful of scenarios where an error message would fire early because the page had not finished loading (there are many more of these still-unfixed)