August 30, 2023
Features & Improvements
  • We are pleased to announce the addition of the Trademark Trial & Appeal Board to our Trademark Library. In the ever-evolving landscape of intellectual property law, having access to accurate and up-to-date trademark data is essential for making informed decisions. The TTAB Docket Report provides the ultimate resource for following the latest challenges to trademark registration, and Docket Navigator’s dynamic platform puts an extensive range of trademark-related information right at your fingertips. Learn More
  • As the final piece of the Search Page Upgrade project, a new quick search bar was added to the top of the main search page.  This search bar allows users to select the type of entity they are interested in researching and then select the specific entity from a dropdown list.  At the moment, the search bar only supports single selections.
  • We now support showing the number of results contained in each tab of the binder index.  This release improves the performance of that feature.
Behind The Scenes
  • Fix error on unlimited user page
  • Fix error when copying tabs on binder
  • Add “PTAB” before “Expert Rankings”
  • PTAB Expert gating update
  • Add event listener only if the dialog is open
  • Fix the attorney litigation history page crashing
  • Support TTAB determinations in alerts
  • TTAB frontend, backend, and email finishing touches
  • Add plotly testing url
  • Update lower court appeals tabs to use plotly version
  • Update Trademark court tree
  • Include substituted outcomes in TTAB
  • TTAB EXA case property updater for outcomes
  • Add the ability to see party outcomes in district edit
  • Court Comparison data validation
  • Clean up firm/attorney search objects
  • Patent profile no data text
  • Make limited scope message cover up the number boxes in CAFC profile