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An overview of the features and research tools inside of a Judge Profile binder in the Patent Library.


Judge profile pages collect all data relevant to a particular judge and arrange it in one place to streamline navigation. Users can save, create alerts for, and share profile binders.

Use Judge Profiles to find a dashboard of information and a list of tabs with information pertaining to a judge. Explore a judge’s litigation history, and answer questions like:

  • How often does this judge grant a particular type of motion? Does the judge have a tendency to rule one way, and has that tendency changed over time?
  • What parties have appeared most before this judge as Patentees? As Patent Challengers?
  • How many patents and what types of technologies have been litigated before this judge?
  • How fast or slow does this judge dispose of their docket compared to other U.S. District Court judges? Should I anticipate a longer or shorter timeline?
  • What kind of damage award can I expect from this judge?
  • How many times has the judge been reversed on appeal, and for which issues?


  1. From the main search page, select Judge from the Quick Search dropdown at the top of the page.
  2. Start typing and select a judge.



Gain access to important details regarding a judge’s prior decisions, including the total number of cases, jury trials, bench trials, asserted patents, construed terms, and docket entries, as well as that judge’s ranking among all judges handling Patent Cases. Delve deeper and examine informative graphs that illustrate the number of Patent Cases that judge presided over by year, and a breakdown of those cases by the type of Patent Technology. Furthermore, access the number of the different determinations made by the judge, as well as the aggregate and largest damage awards imposed by the judge. By default, stipulated data (events to which opposing parties agreed) is excluded, but users can select to include it in certain data sets.

Case Outcomes

Compare the outcomes of the judge’s cases to those of all U.S. District Court judges using the generated pie charts.

Appeal Outcomes

Explore statistics for the judge’s cases that were appealed. See what percentage of the judge’s cases were appealed and subsequently reversed as compared to the national average. View charts documenting the percentage of cases appealed, cases appealed by year, appealed Claim Constructions outcomes, appealed Patent Determinations results, and the result of appealed decisions on Remedies. Analyze the reversal rate by Type of Motion and Legal Issue.

Use the Reversal Rates feature at the bottom of the page to see how a judge’s decisions about a type of motion and result were treated on appeal.

Motion Success

Customize a chart of how the judge ruled on a specific Type of Motion and Legal Issue, by year, in order to analyze any changes in how the judge has ruled over time.

Parties and Firms

View lists of parties and firms for Patentees or Patent Challengers that most often appear before a judge, by year or range of years, ranked by the number of cases the party or firm appeared in.


In the Decisions folder, find lists of the judge’s Orders, Remedies, Claim Constructions, and Determinations, or use the Stays & Transfers folder to access premade Motion Success tabs and view a judge’s decisions on specified types of motions by year. View individualized graphs for:

  • Motion Success for Stay Pending IPR
  • Motion Success for Stay Pending IPR (Pre-Institution)
  • Motion Success for Stay Pending IPR (Post-Institution)
  • Motion Success for Transfer of Venue for Convenience
  • Motion Success for Transfer for Improper Venue

Decisions tabs are automatically filtered by the selected judge, Type of Document, and Posture of Motion, but users can use the green Edit Filters button and select additional criteria to modify results.


In the Timetables folder, users can view charts for a judge’s time to Milestones and Motion Pendency. Find out how long it generally takes a judge to reach milestones like Claim Construction, Trials, and Appeals, or view charts showing how quickly specific types of decisions are made, like Motion for Summary Judgment, Motion to Dismiss – Failure to State a Claim (FRCP 12(b)(6)), and Motion to Transfer for Improper Venue (28 USC § 1406(a)).

Timetables tabs are automatically filtered by the selected judge, but users can use the green Edit Filters button and select additional criteria to modify results.

Search Results Tabs

Tabs on the sidebar without the three gold analytics bars provide search results for the selected judge. Use these to view lists of a judge’s litigation history, filter by additional information, or sort by a specific characteristic (ex. filing date, appeal status, remedy type).

Available Tabs:

  • Cases
  • Orders (Decisions folder)
  • Remedies (Decisions folder)
  • Claim Constructions (Decisions folder)
  • Determinations (Decisions folder)

Last Updated: November 29, 2023


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