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PTAB Expert profile pages collect all data relevant to a particular expert and arrange it in one place to streamline navigation. Users can save, create alerts for, and share profile binders.

Use the PTAB Expert Profile to do a deep dive into a specific expert’s past experience. Once on an expert profile, you’ll find a dashboard of information and a list of tabs with information pertaining to the expert. Answer questions like:

  • Which PTAB cases has the expert been involved in, and what were the outcomes of those cases?
  • What clients has this expert submitted declarations for? Any notable or high-profile clients?
  • Are there other PTAB experts with a similar background or specialization?
  • How does the PTAB expert rank among other professionals?
  • What are their areas of specialization and experience related to PTAB proceedings?
  • How often did retaining parties lose when this expert submitted a declaration? How often did they win?


  1. From the main search page, select PTAB Expert Profile from the Quick Profile section at the top of the page.
  2. Begin typing an expert name and make a selection from the list.



Access vital information about an expert’s past experience, with the option to view all data or filter by cases in which the expert represented the petitioner or the patent owner. Explore comprehensive data on the total numbers and rankings of the expert’s cases, parties, and patents. Take a closer look and examine informative graphs that showcase the expert’s declarations by year, witness experience, and retaining party outcomes. Additionally, users can browse through lists highlighting the expert’s technology center experience, opposing party experts, and retaining parties.

Search Results Tabs

Tabs on the sidebar without the three gold analytics bars provide search results for the selected expert. Use these to view lists of an expert's past experience, filter by additional information, or sort by a specific characteristic (ex. filing date, appeal status, case name). Use the Similar Experts tab to filter PTAB experts by the selected expert's Technology Centers to find others with similar expertise.

Available Tabs:

  • Cases
  • Clients
  • Declarations
  • Patents
  • Similar Experts

Last Updated: November 29, 2023


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