PTAB Expert Rankings

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Rank PTAB expert witnesses based on a variety of customizable variables, such as the number of cases, parties, patents, and other factors.


Docket Navigator's PTAB Expert Rankings page allows users to view a list of experts appearing in PTAB cases on behalf of patentees and patent challengers. Rank PTAB experts by the volume or success of their retaining parties and answer questions like:

  • Has this expert successfully challenged many patents?
  • My patent is being challenged. What experts have most experience with defending patents for similar technologies?
  • What experts has this specific corporation retained?
  • What experts appeared in the highest number of cases within the last year?
  • How does this expert rank in a specific technology center?

Accessing This Feature

From the Analytics Toolkit section of the main search page, select PTAB Expert Rankings from Rankings.

This feature is available in the following libraries:

Filter Descriptions

Retaining Party

Find experts retained by a specific party. This filter will show you all experts a party has retained when the party was a patentee and when it was a patent challenger.

Find a Specific Expert

Jump to a specific expert’s rank on the patentee or patent challenger expert lists. See how an expert compares to others in certain patent areas and overall.

Retaining Party Role

Show experts who submitted declarations on behalf of patentees or on behalf of patent challengers.

Filing Date of Petitions

By default, Expert Rankings are based on all data from September 16, 2012 to present. Select dates in the drop-down menu to filter the ranking data by a specific timeframe.

Technology Center

Rank experts in a specific technology center. Select from the drop-down menu or begin typing to search for a specific technology (ex. 1620 Organic Chemistry, 2420 Cable and Television).

Ranking Options

Use the Number of Cases and Win Rate buttons to rank experts by the number of cases in which the expert was retained or by the percentage of cases the expert’s retaining party won.

Last Updated: December 4, 2023