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How can I set up an alert for other people at my firm?

To set up an alert for another user, save your results first (FILE/Save). Then click FILE/Share Alert. Select the users you want to set up the alert for, then click the green TURN ON ALERT button at the top of the list and select a frequency for the alert. [...]

How can I add a text search or citation to my results?

Click Search for Documents on the Search page. In the Document Text box, enter your text string, using either the Boolean or Natural Language option at the bottom of the box. Click Guide to view a list of Boolean operators. To add a citation, click Add Citation in the top right corner [...]

How can I customize how my results appear on the page?

All search types have a variety of different columns available in the results pane. To display more or fewer columns, click the VIEW button at the top of your results pane. Check or uncheck the columns you wish to show or hide. Click the UPDATE LAYOUT button to commit [...]

How can I export my results to Excel?

To export a single tab of results to Excel, click OPTIONS/Export Tab to XLS at the top of the results pane. To export all results in a binder to Excel, use the FILE/Export Binder to XLS option, then retrieve the XLS from your Downloads page. To get [...]

How can I save my results to a PDF?

In the tab of results you want to save, click PRINT at the top of the results pane. Click PRINT in the top right of the page. Click the drop-down next to Destination and select Save as PDF. Click Save. Using the PRINT button at the top of a [...]

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