General Statistics

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A collection of general statistics such as most active courts or judges and success rates on a variety of motions.


View a collection of general statistics in easy-to-access tabs. View all data for a category organized by year or use the available filters to limit the scope of data in the graphs. Browse through visual representations of the following statistics, graphed by year:

Accessing this feature

From the Analytics Toolkit section of the main search page, select General Statistics from Litigation Trends.

This feature is available in the following libraries:

Included Charts

  • New Cases
  • Case Parties
  • Most Active Courts

  • Most Active Judges

  • Patent Determinations

  • Non-Stipulated Determinations

  • Largest Awards

  • Injunctions

  • Construed Terms

  • MSJ Against Patentee

  • MSJ re Damages

  • Motion in Limine/Strike Evidence

  • Trials

  • Sufficiency of the Pleadings

  • Jurisdiction, Venue, Standing

  • Motion to Disqualify Counsel

  • Motion to Transfer

  • Motion to Stay

  • Motion to Bifurcate

  • Motion to Compel Discovery

  • Motion to Amend Contentions

  • MSJ in Patentee’s Favor

  • Motion for New Trial

  • Interlocutory Appeal

  • Motion for Relief from Judgment

  • Motion for Enhanced Damages

Last Updated: December 4, 2023