Attorney Profile

Reading Time: 2 Minutes


Attorney profile pages collect all data relevant to a particular attorney and arrange it in one place to streamline navigation. Users can save, create alerts for, and share profile binders.

Use Attorney Profiles to find a dashboard of information and a list of tabs with information pertaining to the attorney. Explore an attorney’s past experience, and answer questions like:

  • How experienced is the attorney in representing Patent Challengers? Patentees?
  • What courts does this attorney argue before most often?
  • What is the success rate of the patent attorney in obtaining favorable outcomes for their clients? What types of Remedies has the attorney sought?
  • What clients has this attorney represented most often? And in what forum?
  • Has my attorney opposed a particular firm before? If so, how many times?
  • What is my opposing counsel’s litigation history?


  1. From the main search page, select Attorney from the Quick Search dropdown at the top of the page.
  2. Start typing and select an attorney.

This feature is available in the following libraries:



See important details about an attorney’s past experience. View all the attorney’s data or limit to data associated with representation of a Patentee or Patent Challenger.

Get a comprehensive view of the attorney’s history, including total numbers and rankings of cases, jury trials, bench trials, and asserted patents. Further explore informative graphs showcasing the attorney’s Patent Cases over the years and their experience in a specified Party Role. Additionally, browse through lists that highlight the courts where the attorney has most frequently argued, recent firms they have been associated with, Patent Technologies involved in their prior litigation, and the clients they have most often represented. Access figures representing Patent Determinations in the attorney’s past litigation, as well as the number and amount of Remedies in their cases.


View an attorney’s top Patentee and Patent Challenger clients within a specific forum. See what Patentees and Patent Challengers an attorney has represented the most.

Opposing Firms

View firms that most frequently oppose an attorney, ranked by the number of opposing cases. Limit data by Technology Center, forum, filing date, or client role.

Last Updated: December 5, 2023