Party Profile

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Profile pages collect all data relevant to a particular target and arrange it in one place to streamline navigation. Users can save, create alerts for, and share profile binders.

Use the Party Profile to explore a specific party’s past experience. When you land on a profile, you’ll find a dashboard of information and a list of tabs with information pertaining to the party. Answer questions like:

  • Which affiliates or related entities are associated with the party?
  • Which patents has the party asserted in litigation?
  • Have there been any determinations or judgments made in cases involving the party?
  • What Remedies has the party sought in their Patent Cases? What Remedies have been sought against the party?
  • How long does it typically take for the party to reach important Milestones in their Patent Cases, such as filing pleadings or obtaining Patent Determinations?
  • How many cases per year has this party been involved in? And in what forums?


From the main search page, select Party from the Quick Search dropdown at the top of the page.

Begin typing and select a party name from the list.



See a big-picture view of a party’s litigation history in the Overview tab. Use this tab to view the total numbers of a party’s cases, jury trials, bench trials, and asserted patents as well as the party’s overall win rate. Get a better idea of the party’s history and pick up on trends by examining graphs of a party’s Patent Cases by year, Case Outcomes, and Party Role experience. Continuing through the page, users can view lists of a party’s recent cases, top courts, Patent Technologies, and top representing firms and can access figures representing Patent Determinations and Remedies in cases involving this party.


View the number of new Patent Cases filed involving the selected party by forum and year.

View your party’s cases as parallel timelines with color-coded Litigation Milestones, which link to their underlying documents. Timeline tabs are automatically filtered by the selected party, but users can use the green Edit Filters button and select additional criteria to modify results.
Time to Milestones

Find out how long it generally takes a party’s cases to reach Milestones like Claim Construction, Trials, and Appeals. The Time to Milestones tab is automatically filtered by the selected party, but users can use the green Edit Filters button and select additional criteria to modify results. Scroll down to view timelines for ITC and PTAB cases.

Search Results Tabs

Tabs on the sidebar without the three gold analytics bars provide search results for the selected party. Use these to view lists of a party’s litigation history, filter by additional information, or sort by a specific characteristic (ex. filing date, appeal status, remedy type).

  • Affiliates
  • Firms
  • Cases
  • Asserted Patents
  • Accused Patents
  • Patentee Accusations & Outcomes
  • Patent Challenger Accusations
  • Pleadings Filed
  • Determinations
  • Remedies For
  • Remedies Against

Last Updated: November 29, 2023