Patent Report

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Easily access information on litigation activity, determinations, outcomes, remedies, and claim constructions for any set of patents you input.


Type or upload a list of patent numbers in the Patent Report page to see a detailed compilation of the litigation history for the patents. View a patent’s associated cases, determinations, accusations, remedies, and terms, or generate a chart of all cases involving that patent by year. Investors, in-house counsel, and businesses can use the report to answer questions like:

  • What terms in this patent have been construed, and how are they defined? Use this information in drafting a patent application, or arguing for a particular term definition in your case.
  • What are the litigation trends for this patent or selection of patents? Use this information to set the client’s expectations for how long the case will last, or to decide which venue to file a case in.
  • How strong is my client’s patent portfolio?

Accessing This Feature

From the Analytics Toolkit section of the main search page, select Patent Report from Decisions & Outcomes.

This feature is available in the following libraries:

Last Updated: December 4, 2023


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