PTAB Case Flow

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A detailed overview of PTAB litigation, including institution decisions, settlement rates, and final dispositions.


The PTAB Case Flow page provides a visual representation of the progression of PTAB cases from petition to final written decision. View a color-coded chart of past PTAB cases, visualize the major flows within the PTAB,  and address common questions such as:

  • What percent of PTAB cases are settled after institution but before the final decision?
  • How many PTAB cases are currently pending?
  • What percent of final PTAB decisions favor the patentee?
  • What is the percentage breakdown of petitions granted, partially granted, denied, and currently pending?

Accessing This Feature

From the Analytics Toolkit section of the main search page, select PTAB Case Flow from Decisions & Outcomes.

This feature is available in the following libraries:

Last Updated: December 4, 2023


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