Trademark Profile

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Trademark profile pages collect all data relevant to a particular Trademark and arrange it in one place to streamline navigation. Users can save profile binders with their own research and share them with others.

Use Trademark Profiles to find a dashboard of information and a list of tabs with information pertaining to the Trademark. Explore a Trademark’s litigation history, and answer questions like:

  • What is the litigation history of a specific Trademark? What were the outcomes of those disputes?
  • What types of documents have been filed about this Trademark, by whom, and what were their results?
  • How many cases about this Trademark have been filed per year?
Included Tabs
  • Cases

  • Docket Entries

  • Pleadings & Orders

  • Accusations & Outcomes

  • Cases by Year


Cases by Year

The Case by Year Report displays the number of cases filed by year involving the selected Trademark. The case counts are displayed as a bar chart with the underlying data table in real numbers and percentages. Both are clickable to the underlying cases.

Search Results Tabs

Tabs on the sidebar without the three gold analytics bars provide search results for the selected Trademark.

Available Tabs:

  • Cases
  • Docket Entries
  • Pleadings & Orders
  • Accusations & Outcomes


Search Page > Profile Search > Trademark

Last Updated: November 14, 2023