Court Activity Over Time

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Explore litigation activity patterns by year in the US District Courts, CAFC, PTAB, and ITC. Utilize filters to narrow down results by specific courts, patent technologies, ANDA cases, and more.


The Court Activity Over Time page provides a quick overview of litigation trends for subscribers. This feature enables users to determine the typical caseload of a of a forum, track litigation activity for specific market sectors, or compare activity across the ITC, PTAB, and District Courts. Many users rely on this tool to estimate timelines for clients, decide whether to pursue a case in a U.S. District Court or PTAB, and address common questions such as:

  • What is the typical volume of cases in a particular court?
  • How do the PTAB and ITC caseloads compare in a given year?
  • What parties are involved in patent litigation in a specific U.S. District Court in a given year?
  • What are the litigation trends for a specific technology?
  • What parties brought cases in a U.S. District Court so far this year?

Accessing This Feature

From the Analytics Toolkit section of the main search page, select Court Activity Over Time from Litigation Trends.

This feature is available in the following libraries:

Filter Descriptions


Filter charts by PTAB, ITC, and U.S. District Court activity. Select more than one to compare the forums, or select a specific district court to toggle off the PTAB and ITC activity.

District Court

Type and select a district court to view that court’s litigation activity, or select multiple district courts to view those courts’ aggregated litigation activity.

Patent Technologies

Select from the drop-down menu or begin typing to filter by specific patent technologies (ex. 1620 Organic Chemistry for all 1621-1629 or select just a daughter node like 1628).

Case Filing Date Slider

Drag and drop the end points of the timeline to limit the data to cases filed within selected years.


Include, exclude, or isolate ANDA cases.

Current Year Options

When graphing recent data, use this feature to toggle between actual data for the year to date and estimated totals for the year.

Last Updated: December 4, 2023