September 18, 2023
Features & Improvements

This release includes six new Analytics Toolkit pages:

  • Four of these tools are bundled into the Judge Comparison Report and include:
    • Overview with top stats and workload comparisons
    • Rankings by number of cases, outcomes, and grant rates for motion to transfer venue
    • Outcomes by case phase
    • Motion Success by posture, type of document and legal issue
  • The Firm Performance tool allows corporate and firm clients to pull win/loss statistics – dynamically comparing firms in litigation situations specific to the client’s needs. Learn more
  • Docket Navigator’s PTAB Expert Rankings page allows users to view a list of experts appearing in PTAB cases on behalf of Patentees and Patent Challengers. Learn more
Behind The Scenes
  • Fix text wrap
  • Add condition for “Use Previous Search Results”
  • Add new link to Rankings card
  • Fix litigation history page
  • change build process for webapp to deal with test plotly environment
  • Direct links for various plotly tools
  • Entity tagging API (beta)
  • Update tests for stuck jobs
  • Change local counsel exception list
  • Change billing report page