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Firm Performance

Every client wants to hire the firm that gives them the greatest chance of success. But every client also knows that attempting to calculate that chance is a complex and labor-intensive process. No longer! At Docket Navigator, we’ve done the arduous work of assigning outcomes to every unique accusation of patent infringement in every patent case in the nation – and used that data to create a powerful new tool that calculates firm win rates.

Docket Navigator 2023-08-30

Your Content Goes Here Features & Improvements We are pleased to announce the addition of the Trademark Trial & Appeal Board to our Trademark Library. In the ever-evolving landscape of intellectual property law, having access to accurate and up-to-date trademark data is essential for making informed decisions. The TTAB [...]

TTAB Docket Report

Overview The TTAB Docket Report provides a concise, daily summary of Final Decisions issued by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board in Cancellation, Opposition, and Ex Parte Appeal proceedings. The TTAB Docket Report also provides daily updates on newly filed Cancellation, Opposition, Ex Parte Appeal and Concurrent Use [...]

Docket Navigator 2023-08-10

Your Content Goes Here Features & Improvements Added Court Comparison Experience Added Court Comparison Rankings Added Court Comparison Outcomes Added Court Comparison Motion Success Changed specific firm summary components when "Both" is selected to be all roles, not just patentee+patent challenger Behind The Scenes Change [...]

Docket Navigator 2023-08-08

Your Content Goes Here Features & Improvements Finally, a CAFC Case Overview is available as the first tab in a CAFC Case Profile. This overview provides a high-level view of a Federal Circuit case, including the parties, patents, appeal outcome, and case phase. You can easily determine [...]

Docket Navigator 2023-07-26

Your Content Goes Here Features & Improvements We have made it easier for subscribers to access our analytics tools by reorganizing them into the Analytics Toolkit. This simplifies the process and helps subscribers understand the features available through their subscriptions. Simply click on the info icon for [...]

Text Search Instructions

Natural Language The natural language search criteria provides a “most likely” search using simple English words and phrases. Stemming By default, all words in a Boolean search query match any form of that word within the search document; this is commonly referred to as “stemming.” Example: anticipate [...]

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