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How can I edit the recipients of an alert?

Go to your alerts page by clicking the navigation menu in the top right, then select Alerts. If you are an admin, make sure the toggle for “All Group Alerts” is ON. Click on a user’s name in the “Recipients” column of the alert you are editing. To add a user [...]

How can I add a new search to my binder?

Once you are in the binder you want to add a new search to, click Add New Tab located above the Table of Contents. This will show you all the possible search types that you can add to your binder. Select a search type, enter your filters and view your [...]

What are legal issues and when should I use them as a filter?

Legal Issues are tagged to rulings with discussions or substantive analysis by the court on a very specific topic or area of law. For example, if you wanted to find courts’ analysis of transfer of venue for convenience, you could search documents filtered by the Legal Issue “Transfer of Venue [...]

How can I upload a long list of parties as a filter?

You can upload a list of parties by clicking the little arrow at the top of the Parties box when running a Cases search. Once you click the arrow, you’ll be prompted to choose a file from your local drive to upload. You’ll see confirmation of how many parties were [...]

How can I download multiple PDFs in bulk?

Select the PDFs you wish to download by checking the small checkbox on the documents icon. Or select all PDFs by clicking the box at the top of the column. Click OPTIONS at the top of the results, then click Download. To get your Downloads page, click the Navigation Icon in the top right of [...]

How can I transfer my binders to someone else?

Select the binder you would like to transfer. Once the binder loads, click Binder Information. In the box that opens, click in the “Binder Owner” text box, then select the user you would like to transfer the binder to. Click SAVE INFORMATION.

How can I view all of my alerts and/or edit them?

There are a couple of easy ways to view a list of your alerts. Click the Navigation Icon in the top right of the page, then click Alerts. Or, click the Navigation Icon in the top right of the page. Then click Saved Biners. Then click Filter List, check [...]

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