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How can I view Patent Appeals data for a specific patent?

On the Search page under the “Profiles” section, type in a patent number and choose it from the drop-down. Once in the Patent Profile, click the Determinations tab. The search results will automatically reflect Patent Appeals data when applicable. To ensure this data is visible, click VIEW and make [...]

How can I search all the libraries I am subscribed to at one time?

On the Search page, click the navigation icon in the top right, then set your library to Omnibus by selecting it from the library drop-down. Note: Omnibus will only be an option if you subscribe to multiple libraries.  This feature should make searching for cases so much easier now that [...]

How can I find an Attorney Profile?

On the Search page, under the Profile section, click in the Attorney filter. Start typing an attorney name and select the correct name from the dropdown, then click DONE. OR Under the Advanced Search section on the Search page, click the Attorneys filter. Note: If you cannot find the [...]

How can I verify if my firm opposed another firm?

Click Search for Cases on the Search page. Click the drop-down arrow next to “Firms,” then select MORE OPTIONS. To enter your first firm as representing the Plaintiff, set the firm role as Plaintiff. Then click SAVE. Begin typing your firm name and select it from the [...]

How can I edit the recipients of an alert?

Go to your alerts page by clicking the navigation menu in the top right, then select Alerts. If you are an admin, make sure the toggle for “All Group Alerts” is ON. Click on a user’s name in the “Recipients” column of the alert you are editing. [...]

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